Code Of Conduct

  1. Self-disciplin is the best discipline. All students are expected to observe rules and regulation to enable the smooth working of the college and keep harmony silence and educational atmosphere in the premises.

  2. Students are prohibited from doing anything inside or outside the college that will interfere with its orderly administration or affect its public image. No outside influence, political or any other should be brought into the college directly or indirectly.

  3. Students should always carry their valid college identity card in the college and it should be brought into the college directly or indirectly.

  4. During the conduct of lectures, students should not loiter in and around the college premises.

  5. Students should make careful use of college books, furniture, laboratory equipments and the college property in general. The cost of damages to it, if any, would be recoverable from students either individually or collectively as the case may be.

  6. Students shall not organize on their own picnics, excursions, trips etc. without prior written permission of the Principal.

  7. Smoking, Gutkha chewing and Ragging are strictly prohibited. Offenders shall be faced legal action.

  8. Students resorting to unfair means at the exams will be dealt in accordance with the provisions of the Govt. of Maharashtra Act No. XXI of 1982 and the Maharashtra University Act 1994.

  9. In order to add the beauty of discipline, uniform is compulsory for the students and the staff. The students will be fined Rs. 10 per day if they enter the college premises without appropriate uniform.

  10. Students are required to attaned on 15th August, 26 January, Dr. Panjabrao Deshmukh Jayanti and Co-curricular activities in the college premises. Unless they will be fined Rs. 20/- as per activity.

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